My Social Media Policy

With all the ways to communicate on the internet, one may get lost in all the different websites and their many different functions. The real reason these websites exist is to “stay connected” or keep in touch with friends thru status updates like on Facebook, tweets like on Twitter, or bulletins like MySpace. Many people get caught up in showing themselves off on these websites and do not stay true to their real personality. I believe social media should be a way to stay connected with friends and meet new people with similar interests but doing so without fabricating personality and invading privacy. Here are some rules I came up with for my social media.

1. Tell about yourself. A good about me section is always nice.  Meeting new people can be scary, but if you both enjoy a common task, then it releases some of this stress

2.Do not always talk about yourself. It’s cool that you are good at math, but no one wants to see seventy-five status updates about how you found the square root to pie with a logarithmic function of cosine. Unless everyone you are connected to are math professors, they probably do not care.

3.Know your friends. Only connect with people who are your friends in real life or who has mutual friends with you.  This cuts back on dangerous situations such as cyber stalking.

4. Do not be a creeper. Self-explanatory.

5. Use good judgement. Be aware of who can access your information. If you have to think twice about posting a picture, then it probably should not be posted.  Think would your daddy approve?

If all of these rules are followed then a stable social media network has been created.  Have fun, stay connected, and do not be a stalker.


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Podcast Review

After figuring out how to download iTunes and figuring out the whole podcasts part of it, I decided to subscribe to “That Sucks.” Basically, this podcast shows different comedians making fun of thing such as bodies, food, fighting, partying, people, work, dating, and online life. I couldn’t figure out how to download more than those seven episodes so I was under an hour. In the “That Sucks” podcast on bodies, it was mainly fat people jokes. One of the comedians named Jessi Campbell talked about how she had sleep apnea. Her doctor told her that she needed to work out and eat right, and she said “Oh no. What are my other options?” lol. Also, a big guy named Corwin Biscuit joked about how when he got on a plane he had the atheists praying to God that he wouldn’t sit by them. In the “That Sucks” food episode, Dan Cummins picks on fake vegetarians or people who only eat certain meats. Dave Thomason could not believe that he was a grown man, but he was still eating  top ramen,  spaghetti o’s and lunchables. On the online life podcast, someone wrote in about how they hate that people put their daily itinerary on there Facebook status. No one cares that they got up, took a shower, and pooped. I agree. All of these podcasts had me literally laughing out loud. Some of those comedians joke about stuff that i’d be embarrassed to even talk about. I was glad that I watched these podcasts, and I would recommend them to other people. I just wish I knew more about iTunes because it had me very confused.

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Blog Review

To begin with, I had no clue what kind of blogs I was going to review, so I started thinking about things I like or enjoyed doing. This consists of eating and sleeping, so since the holiday season is coming up I decided to read blogs about Christmas recipes. My family and I enjoy cooking at every holiday, and my grandma often experiments new recipes on us. Some have been amazing, others not so much. One of the blogs I found gave a recipe for cheesy corn casserole.  This simple yet deliciously sounding recipe made me instantly hungry. I love anything with cheese in it, so I defiantly will be sharing this one with my family. Another one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to bake. I love cookies, cakes, pies,etc etc etc!! I found a recipe for cherry cream cheese turnover cookies. Can i say the pictures of these cookies looked amazing??? I’m not a big fan of cherries, but one of the comments left said that peach halves were used in place of the cherries. I think I’d try it out with apples and strawberries also. I think my absolute favorite dessert recipe has to be dream bars. Since I love these so much, I was positive other people out there were too! I found a recipe similar to the one that I love. These cookies are soo chewy, and have coconut in them! Now its time for lunch, and all I want is some Christmas food! These blogs made me hungry with all the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G looking recipes!!

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Success Series (FYE)

I was required to attend three seminars (Sex signals, Jumpstart your personal finances, and one of my choice.) I chose my third series to be “Keep Friendship Alive.”

This was a very touching seminar. It was more about drug and alcohol abuse than friendships.  The name was ironic because the speaker’s brother died from a mixture of drinking and drugs. Her brother was described as the “All-American” type of guy. He was smart, in a fraternity, and loved by everyone. He was the life of the party. He was not the type of person you would imagine dying from a drug/alcohol overdose. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to him.

The reason I really liked this seminar was because I could relate to it. I have done things in my life that could have been tragic.  But, unlike him I was lucky and did not die. No one thinks that bad things will happen to them or their friends, but we are not invincible and we can die. I am sure none of his friends or his sister thought that he partied to hard, but they were too wasted to call and ambulance to check on him until he was already unconscious. I do not want me or some of my friends to have to set an example like he did.

I thought about many things during this presentation.  I now will think twice before doing something that could be potentially harmful to my health. I think it was a very good presentation for GSU to present and I believe it will be very effective.

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One week of twitter

My one week of twitter is over, but I still find myself using it daily.  I am new to twitter, so it has taken me some time to get used to.  At first, I thought that it was creepy to ” follow” someone, but now I have realized twitter is much less revealing than Facebook. I would much rather my parents follow me on twitter than be my friend on Facebook.  Twitter is sort of like a status update on Facebook, but it is much more brief. I would definitely recommend it to some of my friends who update their status way to much!

Once the twitter lingo is learned, it can be very interactive.  Not only can you send a direct message, but you can also reply to someone’s tweet by using the @ symbol with their name.  I believe it is very effective when trying to communicate with a professor or even a fellow student. I had a question about a due date, and within a matter of minutes one of my followers replied back with the answer.  I also got +5 extra credit points by replying to a tweet.

Another advantage to the twitter system is that it allows me to follow some of my favorite celebrities/musicians. I love seeing Dane Cook’s tweets because he is my favorite comedian. He always has something funny to say.  I also realized that Twitter is a social media system that gives back. There are many companies that if followed will enter you for free stuff, and who does not love free stuff? I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!!! (FOOD) =)

 I will continue to use twitter because it has been a positive experience for me. =)

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Low Ropes Challenge

low ropesIn this course, I was taught many things.  First and most importantly, this course showed the importance ot TEAMWORK.  Without communication though this teamwork wasn’t useful.  It was very difficult trying to menuver the whole class around on a thin log.  My  favorite animal was a squirral, and of course I was on the large animal side of the log. I had to jump over/crawl under people to try to make it to the other side.  But, of course there was a catch.   We weren’t allowed to talk, so this made communication even more difficult.  Eventually we all worked together and we were able to accomplish the task.

I learned thru this task that I’m very good at communicating even when speech is taken away.  Ieffectively was able to demonstrate which animal I was.  The Southern Adventures program helped me get to know my classmates even more by playing a name game.  Before this, I did not know anyone in the class’ name.

Another good quality that this course taught me was to ask questions.  I was one of the last ones out of the blindfold maze because I simply did not ask for help.  I was determined to figure it out on my own, but come to find out I never would have.  It was a never ending mazw that just took you around in circles.  Eventually I was given a hint that I should ask for help and then the leader told me to take my blindfold off.  It was simple as that all I had to do was ASK!!

I reccomend this class for any student to take because it was a simple fun change from everyday class.  I will take away so much more than I expected to!

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